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When is the Right Time to Go Full Time?

Often, it feels like there is a natural - if not expected - progression in the life and career of a Creator. It goes a little like this:


  1. Starting out as a hobby
  2. Building your audience and developing relationships with other Creators
  3. Earning a little bit of extra income through your content
  4. Switching to full-time content!


gif: success!

For many, the last step is a goal to aspire to from the moment they start out - while for others, it's just a nice idea that could happen eventually. But the most important thing is understanding when the right time to consider making the move into full-time content actually is. Too early, and you may burn yourself out too quickly - and struggle financially. Too late, and you might have already lost the momentum and growth that would sustain your brand.

With this in mind, here's some things to consider before taking the leap and quitting your day job!

There's no guaranteed time frame.

It would be so wonderful if we could guarantee "every Creator will be able to go full-time after 18 months of launching their channel". However, sadly, this just isn't the case. The industry is still very inconsistent, and there is no specific average or estimated timeframe for a channel to grow. Every Creator - and their audiences - are completely individual, and their growth will reflect this. So with that in mind...

Comparison will drive you mad.

Are all your friends starting out as full-time Creators? Do you feel like you might be falling behind? Doesn't matter! This should honestly have as little influence on your decision to go full-time as possible.

gif: people????

Comparing other Creators' progress to your own is never particularly rewarding in the firs


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