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When Is The Right Time For Me To Approach Brands?

Recently, we’ve chatted a little about the best method for reaching out to a Brand you want to work with. It’s becoming a much more accepted practise for Creators to take the initiative, and make the first move in starting a relationship with a Brand - and it means that a lot of Creators are finally getting to work with Brands that they actually respect and support!



gif: best friends!

So while we’ve already talked a lot about the “how", another key thing to consider before approaching a Brand is “when”. It’s important to ensure that you and your channels are in a great position to attract Brands first - because like all good working relationships, putting your best foot forward is the secret.


So before you hit up that marketing rep on LinkedIn, it’s worth considering the following...


Am I getting other Brand work?

How is your portfolio of previous branded content looking? If you have a good range of campaigns you've worked on with other brands, it’s worth picking out a few exemplary projects - especially if you're preparing a media kit. A Brand will want to know what sort of content you can create for them, and how well similar content has performed  for you in the past - and if you're approaching them, then it's on you to provide this information for them.

gif: show me what you got!

Approaching a B


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