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When is Saying No to a Brand Deal the Right Choice?

If you’re a bigger/more active creator, you’re probably lucky enough to be approached regularly by brands that want to work with you. Some of these will be a perfect fit for your content, some might need a little bit of negotiation - and sometimes, a brand deal or project just isn’t as suited for you as either party might want.

If you’re in a comfortable enough position to do so, it’s perfectly okay to turn down a brand deal - but how do you really know the right criteria for saying “no”? And is doing so really the right decision?

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To help you with this tricky dilemma in the future, we've identified just a few real questions you should be asking when weighing up whether or not a brand deal is worth the time and effort...

Is the money worth the work?

First things first: Money is a real and fair thing to consider in this scenario. Often we feel a little uncomfortable asking what the budget is, or if a brand would be willing to pay higher; but the reality is that brands are not doing you a favour by offering to work with you. They're asking for a service from you - and if you know your value, then you'll know whether or not what they're asking for is too much work for the budget.

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For example, one brand may ask for several social posts and a dedicated video - but for maybe a fraction of the budget of a similar previous campaign you've worked on. If they are unable to go higher, then in that scenario it's up to you to decide if you think that accepting the project would be worth your time.

Does this brand want to work with me for my content, or my numbers?

The reality for a lot of "influencers" is that yes - most brands are interested in the size and metrics of your audience at the end of the day. But a smart brand will also identify how to work with you, in a way that suits both their message and your original style of content!

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One thing to occasionally be wary of is when a brand contacts you with a neat, pre-packaged idea for a video or campaign, that has already been fully planned out before they contacted you. Because at that point, not only are they likely ju


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