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What's The Difference Between Management and an MCN?

We are at the forefront of a new digital age. YouTube is an ever-growing platform, and as with all new platforms come new approaches in the way the industry must work to adapt to them. And whilst we are in this period of immense change, many core elements of the traditional media industry still prevail. As your channel grows, so do your opportunities, and there are some negotiations which the average YouTuber just does not feel equipped to handle.

This is where talent management comes in, and while there are many traditional agencies who now have Digital divisions, there are also boutique talent agencies who primarily focus on social talent across every platform imaginable.

While some MCNs offer talent management services to select talent, this is questionable, as the manager is not necessarily working for the talent themselves, but rather ultimately for the MCN. Trust is essential in any good Creator-Management relationship, and if there is a risk of a conflict of interest, it can all


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