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What's More Important, Collaboration or Brand Fit?

When it comes to working regularly with Brands, one of the trickiest things that Creators deal with is toeing a very specific line. It lies between working with Brands you believe in and support - and working with Brands for the sake of making an easy bit of cash. 

For some Creators, what tends to take priority is how well a Brand might fit with their style and content; whereas others can be less picky and work with whoever approaches them. But before you decide which approach is best for you, it helps to understand what it actually means to have a “Brand fit” in the first place.

gif: it fits!


What is “Brand fit”?

Brand fit is when your content’s style, themes and message work in harmony with those of a particular Brand. But it doesn’t have to be as on-the-nose as, say, beauty bloggers and beauty products! Sometimes, it can be about your overall goals; for example, to “inspire” your audience, or “learn something new every day”, or “to see the world". If a Brand reflects your ideals, then it can make for a good collaboration - and in turn some great content!

Not every Brand is going to fit very well, though. Sometimes you might get approached to talk about a product or project that you personally don’t have a lot of interest in or connection with - but the money might be better than usual, or you haven’t had a Brand deal come up in a while. There could be any number of reasons why you might want to collaborate on something that fits your channel a little less.

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