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What Exactly Is A Media Kit??

Whether you're pitching yourself to a Brand, or have been approached by them to work together, you can probably confirm one thing: Selling your worth can be a complete pain in the neck. Providing screenshots of your analytics to every person who asks, being offered a fee lower than you've been paid for the same amount of work... Trying to convince brands of your worth can get pretty tiresome!


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Thankfully, a lot of Creators have begun adopting a catch-all solution - the media kit

Media kits will hopefully become the norm for working with brands in the future, but knowing whether or not you need one, or what to include in yours, can be a little intimidating. Which is why we've put together a quick explainer to help you sell yourself even better! 

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a document (usually a PDF guide) that acts as an introduction to you, your content, and your experience working with brands. It serves to show a potential collaborator what they can expect from working with you, and to answer most of the questions that agencies and brands might have about your channel(s). It's basically a neat, presentable package that they can pass on to any relevant parties.

an example of a media kit from medialoot.com
Src: medialoot.com

Media kits have been a staple of marketing for eons - and it's only recently that this has extended to Creators and influencers. But as brand collaboration becomes more and more normalised, Creators are adopting just a little bit more marketing savvy to get what they're due.

Do I need a media kit?

Having a media kit to hand not only provides all the information a brand or agency might want from you; but it also denotes a level of professionalism that suggests you know your value, you know what works for your content, and you're not one to be messed around.

However, this isn't always the case, depending on your experience. If you don't have a lot of experience working with brands (i.e. this is your first or second collaboration), this can become even more obvious with a less than impressive media kit; possibly leading to brands or agencies taking advantage, and paying you less than your worth for a lot of work. Until you've bulked up your experience, mayb


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