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What Do Brands Look For In An Influencer?

Occasionally you might wonder "Why does it always seem like the same Creators are getting all the good Brand deals?" - especially if, for whatever reason, you aren't. No matter what your content style is, or your audience size, it can be tough to set yourself apart from the great wide world of other Creators that are vying to earn an income through working with Brands.




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But having a clearer understanding of what it is a Brand might be looking for can greatly help your relationship with them. Knowing what your channel might need to improve on, or what direction it needs to take, can help make you more attractive to Brands - and make you feel more self-assured in your content! So here's just a few things to watch out for... 


High engagement

First and foremost, the Brand is here to sell or promote something. Which obviously means they want as many eyes on it as possible to get their money's worth. Creator and influencer-based marketing has been in play for quite a few years now; so most Brands know that there are metrics that are more important (and accurate!) than your subscriber count.

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Brands will be checking your average views, likes and other engagements on your content, as these actual audience figures will be more key to their campaign with you than a hypothetical audience. So don't brag about your channel size as a selling point if the engagement doesn't back it up! Instead, work on how you can bring your activity up to a more healthy ratio. One of the solutions can be a more frequent upload schedule. Which brings us to our next point...

Regular - but not too frequent - output

At this point, a smart Brand will know that you probably don't want ALL your content to be sponsored; as it can harm your relationship with your audience (and they might also not want to clash with other sponsored content you're working on). So they'll be looking at Creators that upload content regularly, and favouring t


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