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The Power Of Collaboration

With the ever-growing amount of Creators beginning their Social Media careers every day, it’s also becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. There are a few ways to increase your following during a rut, however one favoured method, employed by both small creators, and the biggest ones at the top of their game, is Collaboration.

Here are our best practices for Collaborating, to ensure both you and your friend see the biggest benefit from your work.



Watch your audience sizes

While not a necessity, it’s worth considering that your collaborator’s audience size should be similar to your own. This means that your value to one another should be more or less equal, so there is no imbalance of power. It’s also important to ensure that your audience demographics are fairly similar, so your content will be appealing to the new viewers who you will both be appearing to.

Hannah and Lucy have both similar subscriber numbers, and achieve similar views a


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