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The Anatomy Of An Invoice

So it’s finally time to get paid for some work as a Creator! Great work, we’re all very proud, you’re out there hustling and we’re here for it. Of course, first, you’ve been asked by the Brand to send an invoice.





Whether this is your first time writing an invoice or you’re already a seasoned pro, there’s always something you can tweak - and who knows, maybe by doing something different, you might find yourself getting paid by Brands much more efficiently!

So without further ado, here’s our breakdown of everything a good invoice should have…

The Top Bit


Company Address 

All invoices need to be addressed to the Brand; and in some cases directly to the person in charge of finances. It’s worth asking ahead of time for the correct details for addressing an invoice, to ensure it gets into the right hands as quickly as possible.


PO number

Some brands also require the use of a purchase order number to identify your transaction. If needed, this is something a Brand should supply you with ahead of invoicing and you can affix it to the end of the address.


Invoice Number 

For the sake of your own records, it helps to start numbering your invoices - especially if you find yourself working with a certain Brand or client multiple times.

There are a few acceptable ways to number your invoices, but the components that people tend to use to create their invoice numbers are:


  1. DATE: The date upon which the invoice is sent. Most people prefer to format this as YYYYMMDD.
  2. CUSTOMER ID: A number assigned to a client, that can be referred to in the instant of repeating clients.
  3. UNIQUE INVOICE ID: Literally just a sequential number that identifies the order your invoices have been written/sent.


Formatting an invoice number can look like 1-2-3, or even just 1-3 if you don’t have a lot of repeat clients. What matters is that you remember to change it every time you create a new invoice!

Optional: Branding!

If you have a logo or theme that is integral to your online branding, it can feel a bit more professional and personal to include it in your invoices!


The Middle Bit

Contact Details

It is very possible that the person in charge of processing your invoice won’t be the same person you have been dealing with up to this point, and they may need to get in touch with you with further questions. Even if not, it’s polite to include a reminder of how people can get in touch with you. An email address is acceptable, as well as a physical billing address - as this may occasionally be required for your payment.

Payment Details

The most crucial part!! Making sure you get this right


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