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Should I Be Doing Audience Research? And How???

As you start to grow your audience as a creator, one of the trickiest things to really come to terms with is knowing what your audience actually wants. Sure, you can compare the analytics of your different pieces of content to see which of them is doing better; but that will just give you a brief overview. So what if you want more of a deep dive? Well, it might just be time to do a little research.


gif: time for some sleuthing!




Why should I do audience research?

“Market research” is a fairly common practice that a lot of business-to-consumer companies undergo, in order to learn how best to sell themselves/their projects/their products. And what is a Creator, if not someone who does their own marketing?

Doing research into the kind of people that comprise your audience, the kinds of things they like and the other content they watch can be incredibly valuable information for a creator that wants to properly connect with their audience - especially if one of their main goals is expanding that audience.

Sounds good. Where do I start?

There are many different ways a Creator can start doing a bit of audience research - but the best place to start is to try and ask any of the following questions:


  • Who are my audience?
  • What do they do?
  • Where else are they consuming content?
  • When are they most active?
  • Why do they follow me?

gif: who what when why where?


Figuring out your audience demographic is something you should be doing regularly as is, especially if working with Brands. To that end, getting to know who your audience is can be one of the most straightforward parts of your research.


Nearly every social platform has built-in analytics tools; and even the ones that don't can be figured out using a third-party service. Demographics such as age, gender and location are usually displayed in nice visual formats that are easy to figure out, and will give you at least a top line view of who your most engaged demographic is.



Figure out what your audience are generally doing with their day-to-day lives can help you create relatable and engaging content for them. Are they


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