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My YouTube Channel Isn't Growing! How Can I Fix It?

There is a period in every Creator’s career where you notice your numbers aren’t growing as quickly as they used to - and sometimes nothing can be more demoralising than that, especially if you’re creating what you feel to be the best content of your career so far! 

But - fear not! We’ve come back to you with our top tips of kickstarting your growth and seeing them climb back up.

Consistency is key

If your viewers know where and when to find you, they’ll keep coming back for more - and they’ll keep sharing you with their friends, too. While it’s no magic key to a million, it’s certainly a big factor in the growth of some of the most successful and prominent Creators out there. 

Phillip DeFranco makes his upload days clear on his banner artwork, making it the first thing his viewers will see when they visit his channel

Depending on the kind of content you do, you can see many successful Creators uploading from anywhere between once a week, to multiple times a week, to even daily videos, and for some Gamers, multiple times a day. All of these options work for different reasons for different Creators, and the crucial thing is to find which will work best for your content.

Try a collab

This is so important that we even wrote an entire article about it! But to recap: you should try and collaborate with people who have the same audience demographics as you, but you have a small existing viewer crossover. Make sure you are introducing your content to as many new faces as possible. If your content is great, then hopefully your collaborator’s audience will see that as well!

Shane and Joey effectively push traffic from one video to the next by linking in the description, above the fold

One common way to collaborate is to do a ‘one for mine, one for yours’ strategy, when you will both produce one piece of content together for each other’s channel. That way, you will mu


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