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I Got a Brand Deal! ... Now What?

So! You’ve got your first brand deal. Amazing! We are so proud.

But before you go rushing into things, here are some important things that you must remember.

Read the contract thoroughly before signing.

There’s a lot to read in your contract, but you need to make sure you fully understand everything you’re getting yourself into. 

As it’s your first, maybe have a fellow creator-friend read it over as well to make sure everything is normal. Does anything seem off to you? 

There should be no problem bringing this up to the brand and asking for a redraft. This is usually much easier if you have a manager so they can do it for you, but you can still do it alone. 

To be extra cautious, you could ask an entertainment lawyer as well - however this isn’t free.

Check the usage rights.

One part of the contract a lot of people miss or skip over is usage rights. Are the brand asking to use your clips in anything commercial? 

Granting the brand usage rights (for a select amount of time) of your clips usually should garner a much higher fee. If you see anything in the contract granting this use, ensure the fee you’re charging reflects that. 

For instance, what is your usual fee? If the brand wants usage rights, it should be significantly higher to reflect this. 

This is yet again one of the many benefits of having a manager. They will flag these things and negotiate them for you.


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