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How Do I Define My Target Audience?

When starting out as a creator, almost everybody has the same impulse - to just create whatever, throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, and to have fun doing it. Some people might have a more focused plan going in, but this early experimental phase of your channel is often the best time to start building your viewer base!

Once you've established yourself a little more, and have a clearer idea of what your regular content is going to be, you might start to notice that certain audience members begin to drop off; while others become more and more engaged. This is a totally normal and expected practice, and is the next exciting step on your journey as a creator.

Congrats! You officially have a target audience.

gif: hey, audience!

While listening to your audience is important, it's impossible to know every single thing about each of your viewers, and what they'll like and dislike. But you can obviously get a general overview of who your audience is - and what they enjoy about your content - through the use of analytics.

At this point, every self-respecting social platform has built-in analytics tools; and these will usually come with a feature that highlights your audience's key demographics. Age range, gender and location are just some of the demographics that are important to advertisers and brands when deciding to work with you - but they are also valuable tools in helping you decide who to focus your content towards.

An example of YouTube's analytics

Who is my target audience?

It sounds a little tricky, but there is a proper method to figuring out who your core viewership is. It involves cross-referencing the largest percentages of your demographics, with the most engaged users in your analytics; from this, the largest and most active group of users are the people who your current content is best suited towards. 

It's important to note that demographics aren't as black and white as they sound; and can often include some surprises in who you might expect to be watching! For example, a female beauty vlogger who specialises in recommending affordable eye makeu


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