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How Do I Approach Brands to Work With Them?

Working with Brands is exciting, but in some cases daunting - even more so when you have to convince a Brand to work with you, rather than the other way around. If/when you finally pluck up the courage to reach out to your favourite brand, you might have no idea where to start!


gif: HELP.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you get in touch with the Brands you love - and hopefully start some amazing collaborations.


Who do I talk to?

The first step is obviously finding the right point of contact for the Brand; you can’t just Tweet at the CEO of Coca Cola and hope that they’ll hit you back. Ideally you want to find someone like the head of marketing, or the social media manager... someone who will at least to some extent understand what you do, and what you might want.

gif: you get me!

Ideal places to look for that sort of information are employment platforms like Linkedin, where hopefully the person you’re looking for will have their job info included on their profile. You might choose to connect with them here, or find an alternative way of getting in touch…


How do I reach them?

As mentioned above, reaching out on a social platform like Linkedin is a possibility - unless you can source a more effective form of communication, such as an email address. Using email-scraping software like Hunter can help you find a more direct point of contact than the company’s generic Contact form on their website - and from there you can


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