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How Can I Make An Income, Without YouTube's AdSense Programme?

Let's face it: YouTube has become an increasingly hard place to earn an income. Trying to consistently toe the line of "ad-friendly content", while also struggling to actually get your videos in front of your audience, means that Creators are always concerned whether or not they're going to earn even half the ad revenue they're used to.


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At this point, many Creators are seeking alternative avenues to earn a sustainable income - with mixed, results, of course! But there have been some successful efforts in diversifying your income streams - and it helps to not depend on just one thing. We've identified some of the key alternatives to AdSense, which many Creators are currently using to fund their content - and in many ways, develop their relationships with their audiences...



The quickest (and maybe the most consistent) way to earn an income through your content is to turn to your audience. Many Creators have found different ways to convert the support of their followings into a more financial-based relationship; whether it's funding a single project through Kickstarter, having a more regular rewards-based support system like Patreon, or receiving singular donations through a platform like Ko-Fi. 

This can be rewarding for both you and your community; as seeing the results of your audience's direct support can in many ways strengthen your relationship with them!

(If you're interested in learning a bit more about crowdfunding/launching a Patreon, we've recently covered all the basics in their own dedicated post!)



Of course, another alternative audience-based income can be the creation and selling of merch. This is a little more convoluted than straight-up donations or subscriptions, as it requires investing a little bit of money first to have your products produced. It also requires knowing whether or not your merch would actually be in demand; there's nothing worse than being stuck with hundreds of t-shirts that your fans don't actually want!

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Finding a good trusted vendor to sel


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