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Getting Paid For Working With Brands!

If you've started working with Brands early in your career as a Creator, it's okay to admit that you might have done a little more than you should have for free. But if your audience is growing healthily and you want to start taking your content a little more seriously, it might be time to think about how much you're getting back in your collaborations.




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Asking about being paid can feel like a Creator's worst nightmare; but often it's just about getting what you're owed for your time, energy and platform! With that in mind, here's a quick guide on how to convince a Brand to pay you for your content...

Firstly, do I NEED to be paid??

Short answer: Usually, yes. The landscape of branded content has evolved to a point where Creators should be getting compensated for Brand-dictated content; but occasionally struggle with this because there are still Creators willing to do the same work for free!

Long answer: It depends largely on what is being offered in the collaboration. Sometimes, instead of a flat fee, you will be offered luxury products in exchange for an affiliate link. Sometimes you might have all your expenses reimbursed for a trip or an experience. It can vary, and sometimes the non-monetary compensation does make up for a lack of dedicated budget.

It depends on your judgement at this point - and the best things to consider are a) how much you are being asked to do/make, and b) whether or not any of your fellow creators are being paid and/or compensated in a similar way to you. It doesn't hurt to ask them before chatting further with the brand!

Okay, so how do I ask about payment?

Most Brands know at this point that compensating a Creator for endorsing their product/campaign/etc is the norm; but the ones still catching up might try and avoid the discussion of payment for as long as possible. Don't let them!! You have control here, even if you feel too polite to ask. 

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Discussion of compensation realistically shouldn't come any later than the second or third email from the Brand. If none of the following is mentioned when they first contact you, feel free to get back to them with these three questions:


  1. What type of content would you like me to make?
  2. Are there any other Creators currently working with you?
  3. Is there a budget for this project?

Even if you don't ask all of these, the last question is key. It will ensure the Brand knows that you know your worth, and how to get


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