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Does The Title Of My Video Even Matter?

Metadata. You’ve overheard the word at a YouTube party, but what exactly is it?

‍Will this mystical tool help you grow your channel? Let’s dive in.

Metadata is just extra data picked up by the YouTube algorithm to help sort your video and serve it to the right viewers. The more metadata you provide, the better your video should be sorted in theory.

As far as metadata goes, you should really spend time on every form, but the most important form on YouTube is the title. The YouTube algorithm holds the title in very high regard so do not waste too much space with unnecessary words. 

Coming up with a catchy title with the perfect amount of SEO is somewhat an art form, but can be perfected through practice. Look up similar videos to yours and how they’re titled if you need some guidance.

See what your thumbnail looks at at the different sizes it is displayed in on YouTube

Now that you’ve got the perfect title, make sure your thumbnail accurately represents the title for ultimate appeal. General thumbnail best practice fluctuates every couple months with flashy borders being the norm a couple years ago to arrows, circles, and emoji being popular right now. 

Don’t necessarily do what everyone else is doing though! Try and stand out. Create your own thumbnail style while remaining cognisant of what’s popular. Seeing a theme?

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