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Do I Need An Accountant?


When you start making enough money as a Creator to consider it an income, you have to start thinking about registering as self-employed, and planning your self-assessment in order to pay tax. This can be a pretty daunting task, and some creators might want to consider talking to an accountant.

gif: taxes?? what???

Sam Uwins from MHA Carpenter Box has offered us his insight - which you can watch in the video above, or read a little bit more about below...

When should I think about getting an accountant?

A Creator should consider working with an accountant when they believe that their tax affairs can no longer be handled by either themselves, or whoever had been helping them until now; and they need some professional advice in order to make sure they're getting everything right when getting their tax affairs in order.


An accountant can help a Creator by making sure that their records are accurate, everything is correct and that they're paying as little tax as possible. Nobody wants to be paying more tax than they should be; and an accountant is very good at making sure that your tax liability can be as low as possible. It's worthwhile using an accountant if your affairs are complex or you believe that you can no longer handle it yourself. 


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