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Can I Manage Myself, or Do I Need a Manager?

In recent years, many Creators have made the shift from independent channels, to YouTube partners, to networks, and finally have started seeking dedicated management. Having a manager can make your career a lot easier and can help you focus on growing your own personal brand - but whether or not you actually need one depends on a lot of things, including where you are as a Creator right now.

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Have you been thinking about seeking management? Are you actually more qualified to manage yourself? We've compiled some questions you can ask yourself as you make your big decision...

How’s my inbox?

The answer to this question will summarise a lot of what having a manager will entail. Do you have a lot of unanswered emails inviting you to events, or offering brand deals? Have you started responding to a Brand, but then stopped halfway through because you're not comfortable negotiating a fee? Do you have a lot of unread fan messages because you don't feel like you have time to respond to everyone?

The state of your inbox can tell you a lot about how you're currently handling your professional life; and if you're feeling overwhelmed or ill-equipped, the answer could be one of two things: 


  1. Find yourself a manager
  2. Give yourself a break!


What am I planning for the future?

Are you trying to get your book published? Do you want to go on tour later this year? Knowing what your long-term plan is as a Creator can help settle your decision on whether or not you need someone to help manage you. Things can move pretty fast, and if you're trying to spin too many plates by yourself, some are guaranteed to fall.

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Having someone who can help work on the Big Projects can allow you to focus on the day-to-day task of cr


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