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  • Company Summary:  Yoola is a YouTube multi-channel network that generates over 10 billion monthly views, and a development platform for content, products, and brands. Yoola works with international creators and brands to develop, manage, distribute, and commercialize products, experiences, content, and IP. 
  • Summary of services: 
    • Channel development and management
    • Branded Content
    • Brand Building and Product Development
    • Development and Growth Programs
  • What makes them different from their competitors: Yoola team of specialists consult their creators on channel development, organize collaborations, manage copyright claims and rights, protect content from piracy, give free access to music libraries and to a professional optimization toolkit.At Yoola, along with their creators, help the biggest brands and advertisers tell their stories in the most authentic, entertaining, and efficient way. Among these brands are Google, Pepsi, GoPro, Microsoft, AliExpress, Disney, Samsung, Starbucks, RedBull, KFC, BMW, and many others.From funding and teambuilding to marketing and distribution, Yoola works with top creators and influencers to build, develop, and operate new brands and products.Their growing creators are enrolled on an exclusive Yoola Stars program. Within 3 months of intensive training creators take their channels to a whole new level with the help of their personal manager, optimization and video production teams.
  • Our summary : Yoola is an entertainment company and a global YouTube multi-channel network (MCN) that works with creators and brands to develop, distribute, license, promote, and monetize content and products.The Yoola network generates over 10 billion monthly views, has more than 1.5 billion subscribers, and manages 300 YouTube creators and channels with more than 1 million subscribers each.Yoola has offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, Haifa, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Contact Name:  Eyal Baumel