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The Influencer Lawyer

  • Company Summary:  Jordan McKittrick is a practicing entertainment attorney in Los Angeles. Prior to founding The Influencer Lawyer, he was a digital producer for Time Inc. where he oversaw the production of over a hundred branded, beauty, and comedy projects including the most successful videos in the history of the company. He was one half of the producing/directing duo that created the Facebook Watch show Christina Tried Her Best, which was seen by over 100 million people in its first season. 

Before Time Inc., Jordan was the Director of Multimedia at Osmond Marketing, an Orange County marketing agency, where he created the company’s video production branch. His unique background in film production, as well as his leadership in digital marketing, makes him a zealous advocate for his entertainment clients. 

  • Summary of services: 
  • Full-Service Representation
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Contract Law
  • Copyright Issues
  • What makes them different from their competitors: Jordan McKittrick is a specialist focussed on the Influencer/Creator sector, with one of a kind foundation in film creation and digital marketing, making him an ardent supporter for his entertainment customers.


  • Our summary : An industry specialist with Social Media Expertise, Jordan McKrittick has had one foot in digital and film production, with the other in legal work.

Contact Name:  Jordan McKittrick
Phone:  +1 213-357-0301