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Sentric Music

  • Company Summary:  Sentric Music is a company that offers artist and songwriter management services including registration with all performance rights organizations, management of all correspondence, and royalty claims services. An independent music publisher based in Liverpool, they put songwriters and artists first, offering the fairest publishing deal in the music industry.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Membership
  • Music Publishing
  • Meet the Artist Ambassador
  • Register Past and Upcoming Gigs
  • Sync & Other Opportunities
  • Royalty Collection and Payment
  • What makes them different from their competitors:  Sentric takes a platform-based approach to publishing songs that means it can work with many more artists than its rivals.
  • Our summary : Based in Liverpool,Sentric Music is an independent music publisher specialising in emerging songwriters and artists. They offer comprehensive, transparent and fair publishing service to any songwriter, artist or band and serve customers worldwide.

Contact Name:  
Phone:  +44(0) 207 099 5991