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  • Company Summary: Scrunch is an online resource for brands and agencies, that is data-driven to discover and manage bloggers and social media influencers.They offer courses like “ The Complete Starter Guide to Becoming an Influencer” to anyone who is looking to to get paid living a life of Influence.
  • Summary of services: 
    • Ebook of the course
  • Free Media Kit Template
  • Free Content Calendar
  • Free Invoice Template
  • 6 Free Mobile Presets
  • What makes them different from their competitors: The Scrunch team has worked with thousands of  influencers and hundreds of global brands in the last 5 years. Their experience in the industry will be handy.
  • Our summary : “The Complete Starter Guide to Becoming an Influencer” is one of the courses offered from Scrunch. The course is suitable for beginner level Influencers  who are ready to rake in some money living a life of Influence. The package is full of free Add-ons that will be very helpful in the journey of becoming a successful Influencer.

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