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Company Summary: Represent creates original apparel representing culture, community, and creativity.

Summary of services: 

  • -Design your product
  • -Sell on Represent
  •     Fair pricing
  •     Advanced analytics
  •     Promotions
  •     Embedding
  •     Customer support
  •     Rich campaign story
  •     Advanced campaign control


What makes them different from their competitors: Represent helps individuals, brands and companies fulfill their branded merchandise and speak to a large audience across the world. 

Our summary : Represent provides quality products ready for customization that are of durable materials, precisely manufactured and packaged carefully. Influencers will be given an Online store where followers / customers can browse through products and learn more about what they offer. Profits will depend solely on how much was sold, no upfront costs and no hidden fees. They also provide advanced analytics to give you insights into your audience’s shopping habits, to help increase profits.

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