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Plann +Analytics for Instagram

  • A complete Instagram Suite for Instagram planning, scheduling and analytics
  • Summary of services:
    • Free Picture Editor
    • Seamless Drag + Drop
    • Repost
    • Schedule Instagram Post + Instagram Story
    • Hashtag Finder
    • Analytics For Instagram
    • Multiple Instagram Accounts
    • Unique Plann Instagram Strategy
    • Comments + Mentions
  • Drag & Drop to create stunning designs you can use across all of your social media platforms.  Use Plann to schedule across two leading social platforms to ensure your brand is always online.
  • Our summary : Used by Social Media Managers, teams and entrepreneurs  to scientifically boost online engagement using a combination of design elements and advanced metrics.Founder Christy Laurence is the 4x award-winner who now splits her time between Silicon Valley and Sydney to grow Plann, mentor on multiple startup accelerators to empower other females and non-technical founders to build their own successful tech companies.The Plann team is a global bunch of characters who have all been handpicked by Christy as leaders in their areas of expertise. Their passion and drive for Plann is something special, as is the tight-knit community they have all built.