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Pail Solicitors

  • Company Summary: PAIL® Solicitors is a niche digital specialist lawyer focused in IP, technology, marketing, & media.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Intellectual Property
  • Digital Technologies
  • Media and Fashion
  • What makes them different from their competitors: Small but experienced in influencer marketing agreements; sponsorship and collaboration. Specialises on all types of online content.
  • Our summary : PAIL offers legal services for Instagram, You Tube, Facebook and other social media websites and platforms. PAIL helps handle the risks of today’s digital era. Recommended for  Digital Agencies, Influencers, Models, Model Agencies, Bloggers, Vloggers, PR and Marketing Agencies, DJs, Bands, Film, Television, & Radio Production Agencies, Talent Agents, Promoters, Fashion Retailers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Contact Name:  Peter Adediran
Phone:  +44(0) 207 305-7491