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M&C Saatchi Social

  • Company Summary: Combining the companies Red Hare and Grey Whippet, M&C Saatchi Social is a hybrid of Talent Management and Social Media Influencer Agency. Providing innovative and creative solutions for brands through working with social media influencers. Strategy and implementation, product collaborations and live events.
  • Summary of services:    
    • Social Talent
    • Influencer Marketing
  • What makes them different from their competitors: By combining experience and agencies they have market knowledge and  their own pool of talent with over 26 million subscribers.  They run a network of YouTube channels and are assessing video performance daily. They have the experience and knowledge to see beyond influencer numbers to assess true engagement. Social media influencer activity is all they do – understanding talent and their audiences is at the heart of everything they do. They learn more about influencers and their audience through their work with affiliate networks – gaining insight into click through rates and purchase conversion.
  • Our summary : Working under the umbrella of an established and recognised advertising and marketing agency, M&C Saatchi Social is a leading agency in social media influencer talent management and campaign activation. An influencer portfolio with 26 million subscribers on YouTube, delivering over 35 million views a month and 11 million followers on Instagram,they lead with a strategic focus on the development of careers across all social platforms. Through working with their own talent, they have expertise in influencers and their audience. The Influencer Marketing team brings together this understanding of talent and the data behind them, to implement strategy and campaigns for brands – while generating connections between influencers and their audiences through merchandise and live events.

Contact Name:  Moray MacLennan
Phone:  +44 (0)203 967 8750