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Gleam Futures Ltd

  • Company Summary: Gleam Futures, now part owned by the Dentsu Aegis Marketing Group,  is a digital-first talent management business with a difference. Established in 2010, they were one of the first businesses to focus on digital-first talent, for what they believe has become the most innovative and exciting industry in a generation. 
  • Summary of services:    
    • Gleam Solutions
    • Gleam Titles
    • Gleam Studios
  • What makes them different from their competitors: They were pioneers in the digital-first talent management sector in response to creators, entertainers and entrepreneurs emerging from digital platforms. They recognised that these individuals had established loyal audiences whilst creating highly engaging content online, and developed our approach to elevate them to the next level, as talent.They create strategic, quality partnerships, which allow talent to remain true to who they are so their audience gets something they value, and the many third parties they work with – brands, licensees, publishers, charities – benefit from great results that matter.
  • Our summary : Gleam Solutions have a strong roster and extensive experience in the digital-first talent industry. They offer an end-to-end talent solution, which harnesses the experience in building people, brands, talent and businesses to deliver effective, creative and innovative campaigns for brands. Unlike many other companies in the space they don’t just focus on influencer marketing deals, and offer career expansion and planning for digital-first talent.As the industry has grown and evolved, so too has the proliferation of talent in the digital marketing space. Gleam developed Gleam Solutions to help brands navigate this, with the power to immediately and effectively access millions of talent across the globe.

Contact Name:  Chloe McCormick
Phone:  +44 (0)20 3772 2940