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  • Company Summary:  Fullscreen is a social content company that provides creative, strategy and marketing services for both talent and brand clients in order to grow, engage and monetize their social audiences.They started in 2011 as an MCN helping some of the earliest YouTube stars grow their fan bases and get brand deals.Today they use that same expertise in creative and entertainment, a huge data set, and their own technology to help the biggest talent and brands in the world build powerful, engaged audiences -- especially younger generations that gravitate toward social media and are increasingly hard to reach by traditional media.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Brands
    • Strategy & Insights
    • Social Creative & Community
    • Social Video Optimization
    • Paid Media
    • Live
    • Branded Entertainment
    • Impactful Distribution
    • Measuring + Reporting
    • Platform Management
    • Digital Rights Management
  • Talent
    • Creator Labs
    • Management
  • What makes them different from their competitors: For their talent and digital influencer partners, they provide a range of services and tools that include talent management, multi-platform content optimization, brand partnerships, live touring, consumer products, and a powerful consumer-facing technology platform that provides affinity brands, talent and influencers with websites, online stores, fan clubs and social optimization tools to help them seamlessly analyze data and create meaningful relationships with fans. For their brand partners, they work with marketers who are looking to engage valuable, elusive youth audiences on social platforms through original entertainment, influencer marketing, multi-platform social content, organic and paid distribution, live events, and targeted media. 
  • Our summary : Fullscreen empowers talent and brands to build and monetize highly engaged, social-first audiences through best-in-class strategy, creative services and technology.  The company is one of the leaders in social-first entertainment experiences and services for the world’s top talent, digital influencers, brands and avid fans. They have offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

Contact Name:  Beau Bryant