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Free Focus

  • Company Summary: Free Focus brings together years of experience and knowledge in music, TV, radio, live events, literary, and digital to offer a talent management solution for the entertainers of today. Launched in January 2016, Free Focus is helmed by James Hancock, Mark Walker, Stuart Galbraith and Andy Hipkiss and brings together the skill sets of UK promoter Kilimanjaro and talent agency Triple A Media.
  • Summary of services:    
    • Talent Management
    • Digital
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Books
    • Live Events
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Film
    • Music
  • What makes them different from their competitors:  Free Focus talents are made up of musicians, best-selling authors, TV presenters, film directors, models, entrepreneurs and activists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and with a huge online reach. They work across all areas of the entertainment industry nurturing and developing talent for long term careers. Experienced management and industry knowledge with a wide view of the entertainment and media landscape enables this professional team to build careers and maximise Creator’s income. 
  • Our summary : Free Focus is an experienced and professional  talent management agency with a passion for the individual. They have years of experience and knowledge across music,life events, TV, radio, literary and influencer marketing.They believe that creators are unique. They don't have the same dreams and aspirations.They work to create long-term careers for their talents. Their talents consist of an array of social media creators with a strong voice.

Contact Name:  Mark Walker, James Hancock