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  • Company Summary:  Ditto Music is a digital music distribution service that is helping artists share their music to the world. They help in setting up a record label, becoming chart eligible, collecting airplay royalties in just a day's work.In addition to digital distribution to hundreds of key stores, they also  provide tools to succeed and build a brand behind the music.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Smartlinks & Pre-Save
  • Charts Registration
  • Playlisting
  • VEVO Distribution
  • Promo Campaigns
  • What makes them different from their competitors: Ditto Music have been supporting independent artists with more than just distribution for over a decade. They offer opportunities for playlisting, promo campaigns and they are responsible for the first ever unsigned artist (Koopa) to break the UK top 40 singles chart in 2007. 
  • Our summary : Ditto Music is the first digital music distributor to break the UK top 40 singles chart in 2007 with an unsigned artist. They have been supporting artists with releasing their music to the world for over a decade now. Helping them in the release strategy, choosing the biggest stores,entering all the essential information of the songs, uploading the music and access to sales-boosting tools that major labels used. 

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