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District 6 Music Publishing

  • Company Summary:  District 6 Music is an independent music publishing group comprising District 6 Music Publishing in London and District 6 France Publishing in Paris. Representing a worldwide catalogue of more than 60 000 copyrights, they provide publishing administration service in the UK, France, Germany, the US and more than 30 other countries for artists, composers, labels and catalogues from all over the world.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Fast and efficient royalty collection & accounting
  •  Excellent worldwide representation
  •  Professional A&R and song plugging
  •  Dedicated copyright exploitation
  •  A&R
  •  Marketing and Promotion
  • What makes them different from their competitors:D6 continually strives to set the highest standard in contemporary music publishing and administration and offer a complete and efficient range of publishing, sub-publishing and international administration agreements and still retain all of the advantages of a totally independent publisher.
  • Our summary :District 6 is an independent international music publishing company, with offices in London and Paris.All copyrights are properly represented overseas by the best independent music publishers in each territory. Maintaining constant and strong communication with colleagues around the world on both a creative and an administrative basis. They maintain a premium service for each and every composer, catalogue and copyright.

Contact Name:  Paul Vials
Phone:  + 44(0) 2-077-207-219