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  • Company Summary:  ClickBank is a global retailer and affiliate marketplace that empowers entrepreneurs and brands to sell their products online through performance marketing and automation of everything, from customer payments to affiliate paychecks.ClickBank is trusted by over 100,000 affiliates and sellers for reliable payment processing and ontime payments. This is just one way among many that ClickBank empowers entrepreneurs.The ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace makes performance marketing simple. Affiliates from around the globe can view and promote offers that have been onboarded through a rigorous process to ensure compliance that mitigates fraud and chargebacks.


  • What makes them different from their competitors: Empowering entrepreneurs in over 200 countries for over 20 years with over $4.2 Billion paid.
  • Our summary : ClickBank is one of the global leaders in online retail of digital and physical products, with more that 200 million customers and distribution in over 200 countries, for over 20 years. ClickBank® is driven to help entrepreneurs better market and sell digital products using our powerful performance marketing platform – the largest global ecosystem of six million clients. Through our robust technology, educational tools and network of digital marketers, we are able to streamline and enhance the e-commerce experience, from payments to distribution.

Contact Name:  Kelly Householder
Phone:  +1 208-345-4245