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Child Mind Institute

  • The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Their teams work every day to deliver the highest standards of care, advance the science of the developing brain and empower parents, professionals and policymakers to support children when and where they need it most.
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  • The Child Mind Institute’s Scientific Research Council is an advisory group composed of some of the nation’s most respected thinkers from leading academic institutions. The Scientific Research Council brings together experimental scientists and clinician-researchers to create a global incubator for collaborative progress in children’s mental health.
  • From their website" "Many parents worry about how exposure to technology might affect toddlers developmentally. We know our preschoolers are picking up new social and cognitive skills at a stunning pace, and we don’t want hours spent glued to an iPad to impede that. But adolescence is an equally important period of rapid development, and too few of us are paying attention to how our teenagers’ use of technology—much more intense and intimate than a 3-year-old playing with dad’s iPhone—is affecting them. In fact, experts worry that the social media and text messages that have become so integral to teenage life are promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem.Teens are masters at keeping themselves occupied in the hours after school until way past bedtime. When they’re not doing their homework (and when they are) they’re online and on their phones, texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling, you name it. Of course before everyone had an Instagram account teens kept themselves busy, too, but they were more likely to do their chatting on the phone, or in person when hanging out at the mall. It may have looked like a lot of aimless hanging around, but what they were doing was experimenting, trying out skills, and succeeding and failing in tons of tiny real-time interactions that kids today are missing out on. For one thing, modern teens are learning to do most of their communication while looking at a screen, not another person."
  • Child Mind Institute  works every day to advance the science of the developing brain, deliver the highest standards of clinical care and produce high-impact education and outreach programming.By accelerating discovery, they are leading the way to a better understanding of the developing brain and changing the way the world understands and treats children who struggle with mental health and learning disorders. By expanding the way they deliver care, they are reaching kids where and when they need their help the most. And by empowering families and educators with clear, unbiased information, they are promoting the kind of open, honest dialogue that will help ensure that every child gets the opportunities he or she deserves.They measure their impact by the lives being transformed by their work, and they plan their work to maximize that impact. They take our programs directly into schools and communities, connect with online audiences and develop resources for special populations.

Contact Name:  Sarah Burke
Phone:  +1 646 625 4269