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Brave Bison

  • Company Summary:  Brave Bison (formerly known as Rightster who in turn acquired Base 79)  is an MCN and Social Video Company.  The company describes itself as the largest multi-platform video network in the world outside of North America including its multi-channel network (MCN) on YouTube. In May 2018 it was named the world's third-biggest digital media publisher by Tubular Labs .Brave Bison has 2 offices, one in London and another in Singapore.[6]
  • Specialising in cross-platform video content, Brave Bison connect global audiences through social media. BB Studio is a hub of strategy, research, data-driven insights, creativity and production, and this means they’ve been able to develop a combined audience of 138 + million followers through their online communities.They are one of the largest YouTube channel partners, where they offer targeted video ad inventory opportunities to over 700 channels. They’ve achieved this because of their in-house specialists delivering exceptional audience development and optimisation services. Their cultural connections and extensive networks mean they have built long-standing client relationships with brands including P&G, Land Rover, LEGO and Uniqlo. The BB team stems over London, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, meaning their eight year old business continues to thrive at the forefront of this fast moving digital age.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Brands 
  • Content Solutions
  • Channel Growth
  • Video Licensing
  • Advertise
  • What makes them different from their competitors: Formerly Base 79 and Rightster their portfolio of social channels reach more than 66 million followers and drive 1 billion views a month. They own and operate a suite of brands that cover news & trends, conscious living, arts & craft, food, DIY and male grooming.Their partner network of 700+ channels, featuring some of the world’s most recognised names in sport and entertainment, provides advertisers access to global, brand-safe YouTube video inventory that can be targeted to specifically reach the desired audience and hit the campaign objectives.


  • Our summary : They specialise in cross-platform video content, connecting global audiences through social media. Their online communities reach over 130 million followers and  Brave Bison Studio provides expertise across strategy, research, data-driven insights, creative and production. They are one of the largest Youtube channel partners, with over 700 channels offering targeted inventory opportunities, whilst their in-house specialists deliver exceptional audience development and optimisation.

Contact Name:  Christos Constantinou