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  • Company Summary:  Awin creates partnerships that drive growth. Their global affiliate marketing network empowers advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online.Their network connects sellers to over 205,000 active affiliate partners around the world to increase consumer reach. Content creators, influencers, website owners and technology partners can create profitable partnerships with their portfolio of known brands across multiple sectors.


  • What makes them different from their competitors: Awin has a new service designed exclusively for emerging businesses, beginners, accelerators, startups and entrepreneurs to try affiliate marketing.With reduced commitment, no setup costs and low-risk commercials, grassroots businesses can quickly and seamlessly integrate onto the Awin platform. Self-managed programmes that build partnerships with publishers to boost brand exposure, traffic and sales.
  • Our summary : Like many of these affiliate networks, AWIN has gone through a name change in recent years. It originally called itself Affiliate Window, before shortening it to the current AWIN.It claims to work with more than 15,500 advertisers and over 200,000 publishers  (affiliate marketers.) It features the products of 1,600 brands. As with all affiliate businesses it refers to its affiliates as "publishers," and these are a mix of content creators, influencers, website owners, and technology partners.

Contact Name:  Ian Charlesworth
Phone:  +44 (0) 207 553 0400