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  • Established in 1995 as a not-for-profit association, AUTOCONTROL is the independent advertising self-regulatory organisation in Spain. It is composed of advertisers, advertising agencies, media and professional associations and its goal is to work for responsible advertising that is truthful, legal, honest and loyal.
  • Summary of services: 
  • Pre Advertising Advice
  • Advice on Data Protections and Advertising
  • Processing of Claims
  • Monitoring
  • RSC Certificate
  • Confianza Online stamp
  • SELF CONTROL Fenin Seal
  • BBDD Resolutions Jury of Advertising
  • AUTOCONTROL has been organizing specialized courses and seminars on the regulation and self-regulation of commercial communications in Spain for 25 years. They offer a complete informative training for both law and advertising professionals who need to update and deepen their knowledge of advertising regulations , as well as recent graduates who want to acquire knowledge that will allow them to guide their careers towards this sector.
  • AUTOCONTROL is the independent self-regulatory body of the advertising industry in Spain. Established in 1995 as a non-profit association, it is made up of advertisers, advertising agencies, the media and professional associations and its objective is to work for responsible advertising which is truthful, legal, honest and loyal.Right now, around 600 direct members and 4,000 indirect members  are linked to approximately 70% of advertising investment in the country and has managed the Spanish system of self-regulation of commercial communication on the basis of three main instruments: Codes of Conduct, Advertising Jury and Legal advice.Furthermore, AUTOCONTROL collaborates actively , within the framework of the 30 agreements it has signed, with numerous national, regional and municipal administrations, competent in the control of advertising activity .

Contact Name:  
Phone:  +34 91 309 66 37