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Amplifr Social Media Scheduler

  • Amplifr creates, discusses, schedules and analyzes your social content for all of your channels and builds a killer social strategy, in one powerful tool. They help you grow your social channels and get more out of the content you’re already producing. They’ll find the perfect time to post and get your posts right for every social network. They set up your own time slots for your posts, or they’ll make suggestions based on your performance.
  • Summary of services:
    • Schedule posts to be published on your profiles, business pages, and groups on social media platforms
    • Draft posts to work on them later, on the mobile app or desktop
    •  Edit the posts you scheduled earlier on the go
    • Request edits or approvals for social media content from your team and clients, discuss content ideas in the chat
    • Access social media analytics reports for each post on each platform you’re using, right in the app.
  • Our summary : Amplifr is an all-in-one app for social media. An easy way to publish and analyse content on social media for media companies, e-commerce and small businesses.

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