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Recently, we’ve chatted a little about the best method for reaching out to a Brand you want to work with. It’s becoming a much more accepted practise for Creators to take the initiative, and make the first move in starting a relationship with a Brand - and it means that a lot of Creators are finally getting to work with Brands that they actually respect and support!



gif: best friends!


So while we’ve already talked a lot about the “how", another key thing to consider before approaching a Brand is “when”. It’s important to ensure that you and your channels are in a great position to attract Brands first - because like all good working relationships, putting your best foot forward is the secret.


So before you hit up that marketing rep on LinkedIn, it’s worth considering the following...


Am I getting other Brand work?

How is your portfolio of previous branded content looking? If you have a good range of campaigns you've worked on with other brands, it’s worth picking out a few exemplary projects - especially if you're preparing a media kit. A Brand will want to know what sort of content you can create for them, and how well similar content has performed  for you in the past - and if you're approaching them, then it's on you to provide this information for them.

gif: show me what you got!


Approaching a Brand yourself might not be the best call if you haven’t done a lot of previous collaborations. If the reason you want to reach out to Brands is because they aren’t getting in touch with you, then now might be a good time to have a little assessment of your channel and content to find out why that is.


How well is my channel performing?

If you have a healthy, engaged and growing audience, then surprise! You’re the ideal candidate for working with a Brand. Many Brands will be looking to work with Creators of all sizes - they’re not all going for the massive channels with 1 million+ subscribers. What matters most to them is engagement relative to channel size.

If you feel as though your channel is growing steadily, and this is reflected in your analytics, then it’s best to strike while the iron is hot - Include your recent stats (and, if possible, projections) when reaching out to the Brand to show them where you’ve come from and where you're going. If things have plateaued a little on your channel, or your engagement is lower than usual, then it is probably worth trying to boost that back up before making the first move.


Is the Brand working with other Creators?

One of the worst feelings as a Creator is the constant FOMO. Believe us, we’ve been there - whether it’s events, collabs, or Brand deals, it’s hard to ignore the feeling of being overlooked when you aren’t involved in something cool.

gif: so lonely....


If a Brand you want to work with is currently collaborating with other Creators, it’s worth having a look at who they have chosen to work with. How do their channel metrics compare to yours? Do they share a manager? What are they making that’s different to your content? 

Reaching out to work with a Brand that's already in the middle of an influencer campaign might not be as successful as you hope (especially if they have a limited budget) - but if you think you can offer them something more, then it's always worth getting your name in front of them for potential collaborations in the future!


Parting thoughts

It’s tricky to find the right balance when deciding to approach a brand. Doing so requires confidence and initiative, but also a little bit of humility and self-awareness; but overall, really knowing your value will help you to decide when the time is right. When you're ready, feel free to have a read of our advice on how to approach a Brand. Good luck!