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Being a social media influencer is a very attractive job for many. Most social media platforms are very easy to navigate so working as a social media influencer must be easy right? Wrong. You’re not the only person with this mindset and it’s important to keep in mind that only a small handful become super successful as a social media influencer and can afford to give up their day jobs. It takes years of commitment to build up a following that would enable you to even earn any income from your social media platforms. If you want to experience any social media success and make money from your content you have to first ensure you’re making content because you enjoy it not just because you want to make money.

Once you’ve established your audience there are multiple avenues that you can build up and income and it’s important to diversify your income stream as much as possible. We’ve broken down all the ways that an influencer can make money on social media in 2021.

Sponsorships or sponsored posts

Influencer marketing is a giant industry nowadays and this means that sponsorships or sponsored posts are now one of the easiest ways to make money as a social media influencer. The more followers you have the more you will be able to charge simply by promoting a product or service to your social media audience. Celebrities who have a very large Instagram following typically use this strategy to earn money.

Ad revenue

Platforms like YouTube have a partner program set up where you are able to apply to join once you reach certain requirements set out by YouTube. This allows you to monetise the content you upload to your channel. The more you upload and the more views your content gets the more you are able to earn. It’s important to note that the amounts earned via YouTube are often quite small and vary month on month. Other platforms such as Tik Tok have also started to introduce things such as the creator fund where you can again earn money just by posting content so it’s important to look into what revenue is available to creators on each platform. 


A great way to build an audience-based income is through the creation and selling of merch or products. This is a little more convoluted than straight-up donations or subscriptions, as it requires investing a little bit of money first to have your products produced, or you can go to one of the print on demand platforms , although you need to be careful of quality with some of these. It also requires knowing whether or not your merch would actually be in demand; there's nothing worse than being stuck with hundreds of t-shirts that your fans don't actually want! Luckily for you if you are interested in creating your own products we are offering the opportunity to a few creators where we will be taking all the hard work so that you can focus on creating product your audience love. No initial outlay and no producing products that go to landfill or stored at home.To find out more click here. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system used by brands to allow influencers to gain additional income by promoting their products or services. In most cases, the influencer will earn a small commission from the clicks or sales they generate from their promotions. 


The quickest (and maybe the most consistent) way to earn an income through your content is to turn to your audience . Many Creators have found different ways to convert the support of their followings into a more financial-based relationship; whether it's funding a single project through Kickstarter, having a more regular rewards-based support system like Patreon, or receiving singular donations through a platform like Ko-Fi or Onlyfans. This can be rewarding for both you and your community; as seeing the results of your audience's direct support can in many ways strengthen your relationship with them!

If you can learn to utilise some of these methods properly, you can improve not just your content - but also your relationships with your audience, with Brands, and your own ability as a Creator!