What Big Brands Want to See in Your Influencer Media Kit

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As an influencer it is crucial that you know and understand your audience. But how do you convince a brand that you are the perfect influencer for them to work with? This is where your media kit comes into play. 

To recap, a media kit is a digital portfolio which highlights all of your achievements and sells who you are as a creator. Think of it as an “About Me” page with photos, videos, and all your best work in one place. To make things easy for you ProCreator have you covered with a feature to create your very own media kit in no time. It includes all the key areas you need to cover: Number of social media followers, your audience demographics, statistics and even has pricing. Our Media Kits not only look great but they have all the info you need to get more brand collabs. Our system also assists you with suggested rates based on industry knowledge, and puts together campaign deals for you at the click of a button. If you don’t like our recommended fees you can easily edit the amount and propose a rate that you feel best fits your content, style and campaign type. It’s imperative you create a media kit as you will need one for any business proposition whether a brand approaches you first or you approach them. 

The most important factors within a media kit are your audience size - be channel specific; the location of your main audience, number of followers and number of followers broken down by country. Engagement us another huge factor as is whether your audience is relevant to that brand’s market. Who follows you is just as important as how many people follow you. A brand may think you have the right size audience but they want to insure your audience also crosses over with the audience they are trying to target. 

When brands look to partner with influencers they are after valuable influencers with an organic following and great engagement so make sure to highlight all of your top posts and include your rates so that brands can see straight away if you are within their budget.