The New Affiliate Marketing: How Influencers Are Changing the Game

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Influencer marketing is a strategy that is here to stay. Brands have found it much easier to reach Gen Z through influencer marketing than traditional marketing proving just how effective using influencers can be. Influencers are trusted by younger demographics making them invaluable. But influencers are also able to help give your affiliate marketing the boost that it needs. 

Affiliates used to be made up of traditional bloggers and publishing before social media became so popular. These bloggers and publishers would review brands/products and push affiliate links through their sites which bought in a lot of traffic. They would also typically be a part of multiple affiliate programmes in order to increase their referral fees. This meant that instead of championing one brand they were often promoting competing brands making it harder for one brand to be seen as the best choice. 

The old way of affiliate marketing still exists today and there are still bloggers and publishers who are able to make great income being a part of multiple affiliate programmes. However, with the shift in social media influencers are able to change the way affiliate marketing works. 

Influencers are highly trusted and highly regarded by their audience giving them an enormous amount of power and influence. The best influencers do not recommend a product or a brand that they do not believe in as they understand the value of their influence. Being authentic is far more important to them than selling out for some quick cash. Influencers are also able to make extremely compelling affiliates as they not only promote your product but they demonstrate how to use it, review and provide valuable calls to action. 

Getting an influencer on board as an affiliate for your brand could provide great results. A few things you should consider before recruiting them: 

  • Make sure they aren’t an affiliate for a competitor of yours. 
  • Explore providing them with a landing page on your site with all their favourite products. 
  • Explore providing them with an exclusive affiliate rate. Offering a few big influencers with an exclusive rate will be a great incentive and prove that you’re serious about the partnership.

Make sure you do your research and only work with authentic influencers who really do believe in your brand. Once you’ve found a few influencers to work with this partnership should prove to be invaluable.