Tips to Improve Your Instagram Stories Reach

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Instagram stories are a great and effective way to quickly reach your audience but you may be wondering how can you increase your reach on Instagram stories and how can you create stories that users will want to watch? 

The number of users that see your Instagram story is all down to the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm tries to recommend the best content for each individual user. The most important factor is to try to increase watch time so you want users to watch your stories from beginning to end in order to get recommended to more users. 

When stories launched in 2016 some people felt they wouldn’t last but fast forward a few years and they are on track to become more popular than main feed posts. So creating quality content for your stories is just as important as creating content for your Instagram feeds. 

When you think about creating Instagram stories it’s important for them to have a beginning, middle and an end. You should then consider what message you are trying to communicate and add any text or gifs/images that will help you to get that image across. 

Video catches and holds people’s attention better so even though stories may be easier to post make sure you are experimenting with more video content and making use of all the engaging features that Instagram have to offer ie. Boomerangs, face filters and adding gifs. Video can be more raw on stories and people don’t expect to see high quality produced content when clicking through stories. The stories format is way more suited to in the moment, casual footage. 

There are apps dedicated to helping you make more visually appealing stories that you may want to trial. Gif maker can turn moving photos into moving gifs which are always fun to experiment with. Mojo video app also has a ton of templates that you can use to create more exciting stories. 

Make sure to treat your Instagram stories audience like you would your friends and family. Conversate with them in a casual manner to help build that personal connection with your audience. Be valuable and be visible. 

Lastly, make sure you’re adding interactive elements to your stories such as polls or music. Instagram says that 60% of stories are watched with the sound on so if you aren’t talking to camera make sure to add some sound to the clip so it isn’t completely silent. 

By improving your storytelling and experimenting with new content you will be able to create more engaging and personal content that will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience. Stories are there to be used and there is no right way to create them so have fun experimenting with different formats and see what works best for you.