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As a blogger or a social media influencer it may be very hard to know how to price yourself and what to charge for a sponsored post. If you’ve ever wondered this, you’ve come to the right place as we are going to be sharing what we know when it comes to pricing your work and we also have a really handy calculator that can help you work out exactly how much you should be charging based on your engagement and following.

As the social media world has grown, influencer marketing has to and nowadays a lot of brands want in on working with social media creators. Many of these brands now allocate part of their marketing budget to influencer marketing and nearly every brand in the world will be aware of what influencer marketing is. As the influencer industry is growing in recognition you should not be afraid to ask to be compensated for your work. If you have built up an engaged following and you have a great relationship with your audience where you are able to really influence them you have a big opportunity to earn from your influence. 

The reason it is so hard to figure out exactly what to charge for sponsored posts is because pricing is subjective. There is no one size fits all model when it comes to charging for sponsored posts. There are some creators who charge nothing for sponsored posts and accept free products instead, and some who charge a lot more than you might realise. Because of the lack of transparency in influencer marketing it makes it even harder. You don’t see many influencers talking about how they navigated the space, or how much they charge for a sponsored Instagram post. 

We say a good place to start is to look at your following count on each platform. For example on Instagram if you have 50,000 followers you might want to charge around $500. However, it’s not just following count that matters - engagement is crucial! If you have 10,000 followers with a 10% engagement rate that’s great and will allow you to charge more as your engagement is very high. As a ballpark engagement over 2% is quite good but the higher engagement you have the more you can charge. 

Factoring in engagement is where it gets tricky so we have a really handy tool for you. ProCalc is a tool that has been created to provide you with up to date guidance on current industry rates. ProCalc is based on data and feedback from Creators and Brands. We take a look at your follower count, your audience demographics and other factors that interest brands like type and rate of engagement, as well as factoring in your specialism, sector and the type of posts you're being asked for.

We constantly update values on multiple platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. As soon as Tik Tok and Twitch allows us to we'll be adding that as well. You can keep checking ProCreator to get your values and check out our Advice section to find out more about what to charge for your content and imagery.

With tools like ProCalc it helps take the guessing away when it comes to figuring out what to charge. You can even share your rates directly from ProCalc using out Media Kit tool to help be more transparent with brands and to get paid exactly what you deserve. Remember there are also other factors to consider when negotiating your price including but not limited to how quickly the brand wants you to deliver the work, whether there’s an exclusivity clauses included, whether the brand are also requesting image rights to use your content elsewhere and if you need to hire a photographer or videographer to complete the branded work. 

There’s a lot to consider when figuring out to charge and remember each platform is different but we hope this helps you to start being more confident when it comes to asking to be remunerated for your work.