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It can be frustrating when you feel like you’re doing all you can when it comes to making great content for Instagram but you’re not experiencing much growth. Although there is no step-by-step guide to getting loads of new followers we are able to share with you some best practices that can help you see real organic growth on Instagram. 


1. Optimise your Instagram account. 

Use a good mix of trending and popular hashtags, make use of location services and tags to get your content in front of more eyeballs, write engaging captions and keep on top of your community management. 

2. Implement a consistent posting schedule.

Post at least twice per week to start to see growth but if you can post more then do! The algorithm favours consistent posting so try to be as consistent as possible. A great tip for this is to take content in advance so that you don’t have to stress. 

3. Experiment with posting times.

Different times of day may have a real impact on how many users see your posts so experiment with posting on different days and at different times and see which day works best for you. You can also use Instagram’s insights features to dive deeper into your page analytics which should also confirm which posting day is working the best. 

4. Collaborate. 

Collaborating with brands or other creators will help you to reach a new audience as they may share your posts onto their pages also. 

5. Avoid using bots or any services that claim they can get you followers fast.

Fake followers will only contribute to poor engagement and damage your Instagram account in the long run so avoid doing this at all costs!

6. Promote your Instagram everywhere.

 If you’re on YouTube or any other platform make sure you let your audience know that you’re also on Instagram! Share your page as far and wide as possible. You can also use social  platforms such as Facebook to connect with likeminded creators in community groups and share your profile there. 

7. Create content that people want to see. 

If you create great, engaging content people will follow! Find out what’s trending and put your own spin on those trends to try to get more traction on your posts. 

8. Run a giveaway. 

Giveaways can be a really clever way to gain more followers. If you are able to get a prize that lots of people want you can quickly grow fast on the platform. However, it’s important to consider that a lot of users that follow you purely for the giveaway will likely unfollow you when the competition has ended.

9. how the Instagram algorithm works.

The algorithm is forever changing and it’s important to try to keep up with it. The algorithm is important as it aims to serve the best content for each individual user so to get picked up by the algorithm is key to seeing real organic growth. Making sure your engagement is high, users are commenting on your pictures and how often people spend on your page are all key factors that you should consider. 

10. Experiment with different types of content.

Nowadays you can post much more than just a picture. You can experiment with carousel posts which means posting a series of images/videos, video content - this can be posted both on feed or on Reels, Stories - these disappear after 24 hours but you can be a lot more active and engaged with your audience via stories as they require less time to curate. Make use of all of the features that Instagram have to offer! 


Steady Instagram growth will come with consistency and determination so keep on posting, keep trialling different methods and you’ll see growth in no time.