8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Instagram Influencer

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These days everyone wants to be successful on Instagram. The influencer lifestyle looks glamorous, they get paid to do what they love and not to mention they get a ton of free products. But it’s not as easy as it may seem. After all if it were easy to have 1 million followers on Instagram everyone would! 

So we’ve broken down 8 tips to help you on your way to becoming a successful Instagram influencer: 

1. Start. This may sound simple but to become a successful Instagram influencer you need to start taking Instagram seriously! So start to figure out what your niche will be - what are you passionate about? Will you make your content around Fashion or Travel or Music? Create a plan of action - when will you have time to create? How many times per week will you aim to upload? All of these factors are very important to consider and even the most successful Influencers on Instagram had to consider them at one point in time.


2. Polish your profile. Choose an eye catching profile image that will define what your page is about and create a noteworthy bio. You should also link to your other social accounts if you’re on any so that your audience can keep up with you there. Adding an email is also a great idea so that when you do begin to gain a following any potential brands that may want to work with you will know where to reach out.

3. Post regularly! We recommend posting 3-4 times per week to start out with to get some traction to your page and build a following. You may notice the most successful Instagram influencers post every single day to their feed and multiple times a day to their stories. This is what you will need to work up to to ensure you are keeping your audience really engaged.

4. Connect with other creators! Follow other creators who have similar Instagram feeds to yours! Interact with their posts and stories, start conversations and keep engaged! Engaging with creators who post similar content to yours is a great way to get noticed and to also build a like minded community on your page. You may even decide that you want to explore collaborations with these creators which is another great way to grow your page. Use ProCreator’s ProCreation collaboration feature to help you do this!

5. Explore new platform features. Instagram is always evolving and there are always new features being rolled out by the platform. For example, Reels is one of the latest platform features that focuses on short form video content. Reels are great as the algorithm favours them so the more that you create the more likely you are to be recommended to new audiences on the explore page. 

6. Utilise hashtags and location tags. Hashtags are a great way to discover new users. You can hashtag pretty much anything and this makes it really easy to look through hashtags and discover others posting around similar topics to you. But make sure that you don’t overdo the hashtags as you don’t want Instagram to think you’re spamming! You should also utilise location tags. These are available on your story and also on feed posts by tagging the location you’re at. Again these help new users to find you as they will be able to discover you by searching for that location. 

7. Consider your aesthetic. Those with a cohesive aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed often notice more growth than those who just post whatever they please to their feed. Take into consideration the filters you apply to your content - choosing the same filter will help your feed to look more put together. You can even take it one step further and pick colour schemes and change this up every month. This will really help your account to be noticed. 

8. Don’t sell out! Once you’ve gained a following and start working with brands it can be really easy to take on too many brand deals at once. No one wants to follow a creator who posts nothing but #sponsored posts so make sure you’re still creating content just for the fun of creating content and because you love it. If not your audience will start to think of you as being less authentic. 


The most important takeaway is that Instagram is a lot of work! A lot goes into creating regular content and if you don’t enjoy it this will shine through so make sure that you do love creating content and success will come.